Adult Ed

Jewish people – the “People of the Book” – have always been excited about studying...

Chabad's non-judgmental approach to learning has made us the address for Adult Education to Jews from all walks of life. Participants in our adult education programs are affiliated with institutions spanning the spectrum of the Augusta community.

The following is a list of our current offerings:

Talmud: Weekly Talmud Study on Sunday evenings at 7:45 pm. This class studies Talmud from Hebrew / English books. It’s good to have a little background in Jewish studying to appreciate this class.

Torah Studies: This class takes place on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm (Study material is from the renowned Jewish Learning Institute). This class is offered in seasons. Each season is about 12 weeks. Click here to see if we’re in season and studying now. No learning / knowledge background is needed to fully appreciate this courses offering. 

Parsha Study: Open Weekly Parsha study & discussion every Saturday 10:30am.